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We hit the University District Farmers Market last weekend to kill a little time before E’s Chinese school “graduation.”  Troy got this fantastic-looking pizza with bacon and an egg cracked on top from the Streetzeria cart.  I have to admit, I was a little jealous.  Here’s another shot when he was halfway done.  I miss eggs and dairy. *sigh*



Scrambled eggs, bacon, avocado, & tomato over seasoned potatoes. From First Watch, in Kansas City.

Yesterday T and I hit the road. He will be back next week, but this was pretty much the last time I will be in Texas.  We spent the night in Kansas City and hit up a place down the street from our hotel for breakfast.  This skillet sounded like a bit of a strange combo, but I think avocado and bacon make pretty much everything better, even scrambled eggs.

Buttermilk pancakes with (frozen) wild blueberries and turkey bacon.
Since I got breakfast in bed for Mother’s Day, the kiddo and I decided it was only fair that Troy get the same for Father’s Day.  I had to cheat a wee bit on the photo; His plate also included scrambled eggs, with peppers, onions and cheese, but I didn’t want his food to get cold while I took pics, so this is a plate I made after he’d already eaten his.  The pancakes were from this recipe and soooo good.
BLT Salad

BLT Salad: organic spring green mix with bacon, lettuce, roma tomatoes & homemade croutons, tossed with a mayo, bacon grease & red wine vinegar dressing.

One of my favorite summertime recipes and a great way to use up tomatoes from the garden.  Not that I garden, ha.  This was accompanied by the Parmesan knots, making for what might be the fattiest “light” dinner ever.