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Asian Lettuce Wraps

We’ve recently started participating in a produce co-op. It’s been a great way to try out vegetables we normally don’t buy very often and eat a lot more of the ones that we do. Last weekend’s box had a TON of lettuce in it.  One can only eat so much salad, so I thought Asian-style lettuce wraps would be another good way to use it one of the heads of green leaf lettuce. It’s also a great way to include other veggies that kids (or husbands) won’t normally eat – in this case. mushrooms.  I used ground turkey to keep the fat content down, but you could easily substitute chicken, pork or even TVP for a vegetarian version.  This was pretty quick and easy to put together and a big hit with family. I’ve included the recipe after the jump.

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Chinese pan-fried noodles
My favorite noodles from my favorite Chinese take-out place.  Crispy fried noodles that soften up after you pour the toppings and sauce on top.  I usually get the combination, which has shrimp, squid, “crab,” chicken, pork and veggies.  I could probably eat this whole (giant) bowl and nothing else.
hand cut noodle soup

Hand-cut noodles with ground pork and vegetables (baby bok choy and thinly sliced carrots).

There’s a new-ish food court next to one of the Chinese grocery stores in my town, and I used this blog as an excuse to stop for lunch there.  After browsing all the options, I settled on the noodle shop.  I’m a sucker for noodles,  especially homemade/hand-cut ones.  The broth was a tad greasy for my taste, but the flavor was really good.

fried rice
Ham and scrambled egg fried rice, one of my favorite breakfasts. I almost always purposely make too much rice so I can make fried rice with the leftovers.
You can find the recipe in this old post from my cooking blog.
Celery Pork

A favorite dinner in our house, affectionately referred to as “CelPo.”

The recipe pre-dates my cooking blog, so find it on my crafty blog, here.