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Chicken Katsu & BBQ Chicken from L&L. Yes, again.  The BBQ Chicken is more like a teriyaki than actual barbecue.
We are trying to hit up as many of our favorite places as possible before we leave town.  Even though we’ll be on the West Coast, and therefore technically closer to Hawaii, there aren’t any L&L’s in the Seattle area, so I have to get my fill while I can. I actually got them to give me both the tonkatsu and the curry sauce on the side for the fried chicken.  Ah, heaven.
Troy got the Loco Moco, with two fried eggs.  Also super yummy.  Something about rice and gravy always makes me swoon.  Reminds me of a now-closed diner we used to frequent back when we lived in Chicago that served Korean bbq beef with eggs and rice & gravy.
Lad Nar
Lad nar (wide rice noodles in black bean sauce) with broccoli and beef
Too tired to cook last night, so we ordered from the awesome little Thai place down the street, Jasmine.

Ham, mushroom, tomato and cheese omelet, with a side of hash browns.

My cousin was in town for a visit this past weekend, and we decided to check out the brunch at Blue Mesa. I’d never been there for brunch before and I have to say, I was astounded by the huge selection of food, including made-to-order omelets.  Most of the buffet items didn’t make for very pretty pictures once scooped and heaped on a plate, but it was all delicious nonetheless.

carne guisada

3 days behind, yikes!  Although, it does sort of feel like I’m posting into the void since I have gotten maybe 3 comments total so far.  But I digress. [ETA: just realized that I missed notifications for about a half-dozen comments.  Thanks, friends!]

Carne Guisada, from one of my all time favorite Tex-Mex restaurants, Chuy’s.  It’s basically like a Mexican beef stew that is served with tortillas, cheese, pico & guacamole on the side. I don’t get it very often, especially because it’s only served on weekends, but every once in a while, it hits the spot.

Chinese pan-fried noodles
My favorite noodles from my favorite Chinese take-out place.  Crispy fried noodles that soften up after you pour the toppings and sauce on top.  I usually get the combination, which has shrimp, squid, “crab,” chicken, pork and veggies.  I could probably eat this whole (giant) bowl and nothing else.
hand cut noodle soup

Hand-cut noodles with ground pork and vegetables (baby bok choy and thinly sliced carrots).

There’s a new-ish food court next to one of the Chinese grocery stores in my town, and I used this blog as an excuse to stop for lunch there.  After browsing all the options, I settled on the noodle shop.  I’m a sucker for noodles,  especially homemade/hand-cut ones.  The broth was a tad greasy for my taste, but the flavor was really good.

spam musubi

Spam musubi from L&L Hawaiian Barbecue.  I’m not normally a big fan of spam, but I like these.  Probably should have cut it in half for picture purposes, and well, for eating purposes too since it’s huge.  But I was too hungry to add any extra steps, so I snapped a few hasty photos before wolfing it down.

And I know. Late, late, late. Again. Backdating fools no one. Seems like that’s going to be a theme around here.  Apologies, as I have a lot on my plate right now (no pun intended).  Will try to do better or at least build up a reserve of pics for those off days.

chicken, spinach and mushroom quesadilla

Chicken, spinach and mushroom quesadilla with rosemary potatoes and salsa, from Cafe Brazil.

Hubby was out of town, so I met up with a friend for dinner to take advantage of their kids eat free deal and avoid the Cinco de Mayo madness everywhere else.

toro sushi

The hubs and I went out for a much-needed date night last night at our favorite local sushi place. They had blue fin toro on special so we decided to try an order of nigiri.  It was a bit disappointing, as there was a tough fibrous strip running through the entire length of it that made it almost impossible to chew.  Normally, I wouldn’t have complained, but considering how expensive it was, when our server asked how it was, I couldn’t hold back. The chef felt bad, so he sent us this plate to make up for it.

They referred to it as a special toro roll, but it was actually a combination of finely chopped toro, green onion. a touch of ginger(?), and I think a little mayo on top of nigiri-style rice. Also had a tiny dollop of hot sauce on top. Super yummy and definitely made up for the chewy toro earlier.

Loco Moco

Another glamorous lunch. Sorry for the not-so-great lighting, but I’m still trying to get over my self-consciousness taking pictures in public.

Loco Moco from L&L Hawaiian Barbecue. I normally get Chicken Katsu Curry, but was in the mood for something a little different today. It’s a fried (or in this case, scrambled) egg, hamburger patty and gravy over rice. Side of mac salad.