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Two Double-Doubles, animal-style, one cheeseburger, one plain hamburger. Three orders of fries, one animal-style.

Last month, In-N-Out Burger opened two locations here in the Dallas area to much excitement and fanfare. Troy and I were super excited, but both places were such madhouses that you could barely even drive by them without getting snarled in horrible traffic. Well the other night, we finally decided to give it a try and were pleasantly surprised to find that while the drive-thru still snaked around the parking lot, there was no line inside at the Allen location. The burgers were delicious and juicy, just as I remembered, and the fries…well, they were the same lackluster fries I remember as well. Making them animal-style helped mask some of the limpness, but once the cheese cooled off and congealed a bit, they were pretty unappealing.

Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, veggies, cranberry sauce, and lots of gravy. From Mimi’s Cafe.
As I mentioned before, we are getting ready to move soon.  It all came about rather quickly, and thus, our household has been thrown into a state of massive disarray as we pack up all our stuff and get our house ready to sell.  We had painters in the house yesterday and today working on various parts of the house, including the kitchen, so we ended up dashing out for errands and a quick dinner.  For some reason, I really craved a turkey dinner, and this totally hit the spot.
breakfast torta
Breakfast torta sandwich with beans, egg, potato, sausage & cheese.
We decided to check out a new place for breakfast yesterday.  On a whim, we pulled into a strip mall after seeing a sign for “Best Mexican Breakfast in Allen.”  Yeah, we’re suckers.  But a quick check on Yelp revealed that the claim was legit.  I found my sandwich looked better than it tasted; it was a bit bland (and light on sausage). Troy generously offered to swap half his breakfast burrito for half of my sandwich.  Burrito was definitely the way to go.
breakfast burrito
Breakfast burrito with egg, potato, chorizo & cheese.  Same ingredients, different format, huge difference.  Delicious, especially slathered in the ranchero sauce on the tables.