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The other Chicago standard that I frequently miss. Somehow most other cities don’t get it quite right, always skimping on meat or putting things like lettuce (gasp) in there. This is from some random dive out in the west ‘burbs with maybe three counter seats.



Portillos is almost always my first stop when I go back to Chicago to visit my mom.
Italian beef, dipped, with sweet peppers.



Loco Moco from Bondi Cafe in Hiroo


Assorted battered and fried things on sticks: meatballs, cheese, squid, shrimp, veggies.



From the Diver City food court, in Odaiba. Bonus points for the multilingual printing on the nori.


Trekked out to Shinjuku to try a different aburasoba place. They use fresh noodles, which are made in-house. Definitely could tell the difference. Sauce was a bit different and lots more condiment options. I liked it quite a bit, but not sure how often I’d be willing to go out of my way for it.


“Tokyo X” cut of pork tonkatsu. Soup, shredded cabbage, pickles. Rice is not pictured. Maisen is often said to be one of the best tonkatsu places in Tokyo.



We decided to take a little road trip to Portland over E’s spring break. Of course, while we were there we could not resist hitting up one of the numerous food truck pods.  I know that Korean/Asian-fusion taco trucks abound these days, but I hadn’t seen a ton of Korean burritos, mostly just tacos or kimchi quesadillas.  This burrito, from Koi Fusion was fabulous.  The proportions of meat to kimichi fried rice to veggies (I skipped the cheese) was almost dead on.  My only minor complaint was that I would have liked if the ingredients were more evenly distributed inside the burrito – most of my meat was at the top and by the time I got to the last few bites, all I had left was rice.  But I still ate the whole thing.  And thought about it for days afterwards.


Annual visit.  Gotta remember to bring the good camera one of these days.


Top: sugar snap peas, homemade ranch dressing (in the blue container), whole wheat fig bar;

Bottom: Ham sandwich on multi-grain sandwich thin, with Swiss & Colby-Jack flowers on top, romaine lettuce, quartered strawberries

Now that E is back in school and I have to pack lunches, you’ll probably be seeing more bentos on here, although this may be as fancy as they get. She helped pick out what went into her lunch for the first day, and shockingly, ate pretty much every bit of what I had thought would be way too much food. In fact, she was still munching on the last of the peas when I showed up! I guess they worked up an appetite!