Toasted rosemary focaccia with caramelized onion jam & goat cheese.

Walla walla onions were on sale the other day, so I bought a bunch thinking I’d make some kind of caramelized onion tart. But then the urge to start a crazy canning spree kicked in, and instead I made an caramelized onion jam with balsamic vinegar and brown sugar. I had just finished processing them when I read that certain fruits and vegetables need to be pressure canned for proper storage safety, so I got paranoid and stuck the few jars this yielded in my fridge.

However, that being said, this jam is absolutely fabulous, especially with the goat cheese, which cuts the sweetness nicely. Troy declared that I should start selling it immediately so we could be rich. I’m thinking it may make for a nice ‘signature’ gift, but will need to invest in a pressure canner first.