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P1000466 by craftyasiangirl
P1000466, a photo by craftyasiangirl on Flickr.

We went on our first family camping trip a couple weeks ago. Troy is the master when it comes to perfectly roasted marshmallows.



Bumbleberry pie shake, from Hamburg Inn.

Hamburg Inn is mostly famous as the tiny diner that political candidates visit for photo ops during campaign season. To me though, it’s the place where they will blend an entire slice of pie into a giant shake. The pies are from the local farmers market, so selection varies, but my favorite is bumbleberry, which is a combo of apple and berries. So good.

Pound cake with cream cheese icing, and fresh raspberries & blueberries.
Once again, another of my mother-in-law’s delightful creations.  Have I mentioned that my MIL is super awesome?  She has made this flag cake for the 4th of July every year for probably at least the last 10 years.  E was very proud to be her helper this year.  I see a new tradition in the making.  Needless to say, this cake tasted absolutely fabulous.  The pound cake was rich, but the cream cheese frosting and fruit helped cut the sweetness.  Oh and of course, we also topped our cake with ice cream too.  Yes, I’m gaining a lot of weight on this vacation.
Chocolate sheet cake, from Pioneer Woman.  I subbed almonds for pecans in the icing because that’s what I happened to have.
This is probably the worst ratio ever in terms of beauty to delicious-ness.  I forgot to snap a pic of this before I took it to a playdate, and even this shot was hard to grab before my family descended upon the leftovers.  Hey, I never said ALL the pics would be pretty.
Pumpkin whoopie pies with maple cream cheese icing, from this recipe.
Ever since I had those whoopie pies last weekend, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about them.  Coincidentally, I recently came across the above recipe AND happened to have two cans of pumpkin puree in my pantry that needed to get used up before our impending cross-country move.  These were good, but really sweet – even after I left one whole cup of sugar out of the frosting. I’m not sure what differentiates these from a pumpkin muffin or cupcake other than their shape, although I do like that you can control the portion size a bit more precisely (I made these relatively small, compared with the ones from Society Bakery).  I think more whoopie pie experimentation might be in order.
Red Velvet Whoopie Pies, from Society Bakery.
I photographed a baby baptism yesterday evening, and the family was kind enough to invite us to the party afterwards at their home.  They had these absolutely divine whoopie pies, which I have to confess, I’d never had before!  I actually split one with another guest, since they were enormous and crazy sweet.  I think I see more of these in my future.
creamy lemon bar
Creamy lemon crumb bar, from Pioneer Woman.
I made these for a playdate we’re attending. They were super easy to throw together from things I already had on hand, although I do wish I’d made them in a smaller pan so the filling was thicker.  It’s also a good thing they needed to set up in the fridge overnight or Troy & I probably would have eaten half the pan before morning.
Magnum chocolate caramel ice cream bar.
[OK, this is a bit of a cheater post, as I’ve been saving it for a while.  But I forgot to drag my camera out with us to dinner last night, and had no other pics or decent food handy, so there it is.]
I’d been seeing the commercials for those Magnum bars for a while now, and I finally broke down a while back and bought a box from the store not too long ago.  All I can say is, so. freaking. good.  I need to try the double chocolate next.  These have potential to be a dangerous addiction.
chocolate rice krispies treat
Rice Krispie treat with chocolate.
I made these with my daughter yesterday. On a whim, we dumped in a cup of mini chocolate chips, which got a bit more melty than I expected.  They’re good, but I think I actually like them better plain, which is saying something since I’m a freak for chocolate.
Black raspberry ice cream with chocolate chunks
Black raspberry ice cream with dark chocolate chunks.
Believe it or not, this is actually store-brand ice cream from Kroger!  I think the raspberry flavor could be a bit more intense, but the giant chunks of dark chocolate more than make up for that.  It also doesn’t hurt that it’s about 2/3 the price and twice the size of Häagen-Dazs.