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The other Chicago standard that I frequently miss. Somehow most other cities don’t get it quite right, always skimping on meat or putting things like lettuce (gasp) in there. This is from some random dive out in the west ‘burbs with maybe three counter seats.




Top: sugar snap peas, homemade ranch dressing (in the blue container), whole wheat fig bar;

Bottom: Ham sandwich on multi-grain sandwich thin, with Swiss & Colby-Jack flowers on top, romaine lettuce, quartered strawberries

Now that E is back in school and I have to pack lunches, you’ll probably be seeing more bentos on here, although this may be as fancy as they get. She helped pick out what went into her lunch for the first day, and shockingly, ate pretty much every bit of what I had thought would be way too much food. In fact, she was still munching on the last of the peas when I showed up! I guess they worked up an appetite!


Sloppy joes, from scratch, based on a cross of this recipe and this one, minus the ketchup, but with a little extra brown sugar.

I was never a big fan of sloppy joes as a kid, but I suspect that’s because I only ever had the “Manwich” kind.  Troy and Evy are big fans though, so I made a big batch of these the other day, knowing that I wasn’t going to have much time to cook this week.  I especially like this recipe because I can sneak in extra veggies (I added a brick of Cascade Farms pureed winter squash), and the sweet taste masks their presence.

Kid lunch
Ham sandwich, string cheese and strawberries
Sorry for the super lame post but it’s been hectic around these parts, plus we’ve all been down with some sort of horrible summer cold/cough.  This was the best I could manage, especially since my kid kept trying to snatch her plate away and inadvertently photo-bombing.
Ham and egg sandwich - open
ham and egg sandwich

Scrambled eggs with mushrooms, American cheese and ham on Orowheat sandwich thins.

It’s been a busy couple of weeks around here and the fridge has gotten a little bare, so I had to make do this morning with an egg sandwich, which is usually Troy’s specialty.

breakfast torta
Breakfast torta sandwich with beans, egg, potato, sausage & cheese.
We decided to check out a new place for breakfast yesterday.  On a whim, we pulled into a strip mall after seeing a sign for “Best Mexican Breakfast in Allen.”  Yeah, we’re suckers.  But a quick check on Yelp revealed that the claim was legit.  I found my sandwich looked better than it tasted; it was a bit bland (and light on sausage). Troy generously offered to swap half his breakfast burrito for half of my sandwich.  Burrito was definitely the way to go.
breakfast burrito
Breakfast burrito with egg, potato, chorizo & cheese.  Same ingredients, different format, huge difference.  Delicious, especially slathered in the ranchero sauce on the tables.

meatball sub
meatball sandwich

Meatball sub sandwich with provolone.  Bonus pic since I couldn’t decide which one I liked better today.

If some of this looks familiar, it’s because they’re leftovers from Sunday’s spaghetti and meatballs.  😉

Ham Sandwich

Leftover Easter ham on homemade Italian-style wheat bread, with a little bit of mustard and mayonnaise.  Glamorous lunch, no?

Check out the bread recipe on my friend Jacki’s blog.