toro sushi

The hubs and I went out for a much-needed date night last night at our favorite local sushi place. They had blue fin toro on special so we decided to try an order of nigiri.  It was a bit disappointing, as there was a tough fibrous strip running through the entire length of it that made it almost impossible to chew.  Normally, I wouldn’t have complained, but considering how expensive it was, when our server asked how it was, I couldn’t hold back. The chef felt bad, so he sent us this plate to make up for it.

They referred to it as a special toro roll, but it was actually a combination of finely chopped toro, green onion. a touch of ginger(?), and I think a little mayo on top of nigiri-style rice. Also had a tiny dollop of hot sauce on top. Super yummy and definitely made up for the chewy toro earlier.